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10. Juni 2017 · 19:00

„Lufthaus“ is a multimedia architecture project from the year 2013. It is an examination of the question, what is the best possible presentation form for the practice of painting?
According to this, „Lufthaus“ is perceived as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, in which the terms of stimulating perception, fragmentation and totalization of the viewpoint play an important role.

„Lufthaus“ is painting, sculpture and architecture at the same time. An utopian ideal pavillon for art, „Lufthaus“ combines genres and beds the art object in natural landscapes. Within this concept is the utopia of the modern, the picturesque designs of contemporary artists and the markings of cultural and historic artifacts. The sculptures in the outer room correlate with the structure of the ceiling design or the forms and ornaments of the furnishings, and at the same time can be seen in the fundamental conception of painting. The binding element is a graphic original form, an idea which falls from the “painting reality” into the “life reality”. „Lufthaus“ represents a prototype of a safe haven for all art forms, in which the unique wall curvature enables perfect acoustics, or the living cells are linked to the kitchen, sleeping area, and wash room as well as the production room of the atelier and presentation area of the exhibition room. The absence of room corners influences the practice of painting in particular – with a stronger sensation of right-corner picture formats, leaving the paintings merely to exist.


10. Juni 2017